Saturday, August 6, 2011

Carpal Tunnel Surgery

Here's the result of the surgery... the right hand is just a week out of surgery and the left a month ago. It has been a fairly painless ordeal. The difficulty is in learning how to live life with one hand. Props to people who do this all of the time, because I sure bumbled around a lot. The pain was minimal - mainly at night... good drugs made sure I didn't lose sleep. As I type this (about 10 days later than the photo) I can honestly say I am amazed at what it is like painting (or holding a fork, or a steering wheel) without my hand constantly going numb. If I knew it would be this drastic, I would have had this surgery done twenty years ago when they first diagnosed me! I'm still a bit awkward with my right hand, and the wound feels a little tight, but healing is going well. I recommend the more "invasive" surgery over the orthoscopic type. Patients average much better results.

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