Monday, July 4, 2011

In Search of the Whooping Crane

In Search of the Whooping Crane
5.25"x7.5" (unfr) watercolor on paper

"In Search of Whooping Cranes" is today's daily painting and is about 7"x5". This one took me probably twice as long as I usually do. I found myself smiling the entire time I painted this old guy. A friend and I went on a boat tour last winter to see the only naturally migrating flock of whooping cranes in the world. He was one of the "Whooper lovers" on board. Critically endangered, there were only 15 birds left in 1941 and they all followed a migration path from Buffalo National Park in Canada to Aransas National Wildlife Refuge near Corpus Christi each winter. It is a blessing to live in the part of America where so many of the critically endangered make their home.

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